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“Constructal Theory” speach by Prof. A. H. Reis @ MEFTE-BRAGANÇA 09

A “Constructal Theory” speach by Prof. Heitor Reis, from Évora University, at the  3rd National Conf. MEFTE-BRAGANÇA 09, 17-18 Sept. 2009 See: Short bio...

Land Art & Constructal Theory

Thoughts about Land Art & Constructal Theory, by Adrian Bejan, Andrea Gomez, Bill Gilbert, Chris Taylor, and Bill Fox. See:

Adrian Bejan interview on Rádio BandNews FM about Speed Limit in Sport

Interview in Portuguese: MP3 Rádio BandNews FM website:

Constructal optimisation of heat generating volumes

art. by Ahmet Karakas,  Unal Camdali,  Murat Tunc International Journal of Exergy 2009 - Vol. 6, No.5  pp. 637 - 654

Adrian Bejan received a Laurea Honoris Causa from La Sapienza University

Wednesday 13 May 2009 @ 11:00, Adrian Bejan received a Laurea Honoris Causa from La Sapienza University. See : Bejan's CV on "La Sapienza"...

Speed Limits Predicted

This new Journal of Experimental Biology article shows that the constructal law predicts the evolution of speed sports: the fastest runners and swimmers will...



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The Constructal law explained – video from the Franklin Institute

This very explanatory video on the Contructal law was made by the Franklin Institute for the medals ceremony, when Adrian Bejan received the...

“The Evolving Design of Our Life” Adrian Bejan’s article in LA+DESIGN magazine

As an interdisciplinary journal of landscape architecture, LA+ DESIGN magazine delves into the role of design in times of transformative technological and environmental change...

Keep it Juicy! Physics Says Time DOES Fly

Time seems to fly as we age. The Keep It Juicy! blog author, Helen Mitternight, talks to physicist Adrian Bejan about the physics...

Science and The Origin of Living Things

"Adrian Bejan, J.A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke University, delivers a thought-provoking analysis of the mechanics of life, energy, and the science...