The design evolution of drawings

Walk Dont WalkCentral concepts and words that underpin the physics of evolutionary design today are reviewed in this article, such as: information, knowledge, evolution, change, arrow of time, pattern, fractal dimension, icon, model,  second law, and the constructal law. It shows that drawings, as physical means to facilitate the flow of knowledge, are subject to the natural tendency toward design evolution.

Like a rolling stone—live longer and travel farther

Like a rolling stoneA recent paper by Professor Adrian Bejan published in Nature Scientific Reports unites animate and inmate life on Earth thanks to the Constructal Law.

Prof. Bejan demonstrate in this article that the simplest and oldest forms of evolutionary movement—rolling bodies and whirls of turbulence—exhibit the same body-size effect on life time and life travel as the evolutionary movement united by the body-size effect so far: animals, rivers, vehicles, jets and plumes.

In short, the bigger should last longer and travel farther.

The Key to Sustainability: Flows of Water and Electricity

European ReviewIn this publication, A. Bejan draws attention  to the emerging literature and physics principle (constructal law) that provide the scientific foundation for sustainability. He shows that the sustainability need is about flow: the flow of energy and the flow of water through the inhabited space.

All the flows needed for human life such as transportation, heating, or cooling, water are driven by the purposeful consumption of fuels, and this is why the wealth of a country (the GDP) is directly proportional to the annual consumption of fuel in that country.

Sustainability comes from greater freedom in changing the organization – the flow architecture – that sustains life. Greater freedom to change the design (from water and power to laws and government) leads to greater flow, wealth, life and staying power, i.e. sustainability


Evolving into a Better Design: Humans and Technology as One

Tree-like architectures and a river deltaThe Constructal Law is the law of physics that accounts for the natural tendency of designs to evolve freely over time to flow more easily.

As research has been conducted to support this pattern of design evolution, an even greater phenomenon has come to light: Humans and technology are one species, evolving together.

Adrian Bejan, the discoverer of the constructal law and a professor at Duke University, recently spoke about this topic at the 27th Annual Conference of the Academia Europaea 2015 in Germany.

Why humans build fires shaped the same way

The clashing asymptotes define this behavior, and the method of intersecting the asymptotes18 pinpoints the architecture, the design. Photographs taken by Adrian Bejan.This article, published in the Nature Scientific Report, explain “why humans unwittingly build fires that look the same: edifices of fuel, as tall as they are wide. The pile of fuel is permeable, air invades it by natural convection and drives the combustion.“. The article “show that the hottest pile of burning fuel occurs when the height of the pile is roughly the same as its base diameter. Future studies may address the shape effect of wind, material type, and packing. Key is why humans of all eras have been relying on this design of fire “unwittingly”. The reason is that the heat flow from fire facilitates the movement and spreading of human mass on the globe“.