Sitting around the (constructal) campfire

In this article, Brian Resnick quote Prof. Adrian Bejan in order to provide us with some good advices on building a successful pyre, and discusses the processes tooking place while sitting around the campfire.

In a study published in 2015 in one of the Nature Scientific Reports,  Professor Adrian Bejan, effectively showed that the best fires share the same design pattern: they are roughly as tall as they are wide.



(un)Common Resemblance: Constructal Art

© Christine Forni

© Christine Forni

Christine Forni is a Chicago-based, multidisciplinary artist, with a foot in Paris. She is preparing an exhibition inspired by Constructal designs, in Nature:

“A glimpse into Forni’s studio while she prepares for an exhibition exploring natures similiarities. […]. She’s intrigued by how all things in nature have commonality in their visual structures for flow systems. This can be seen in capillaries, coral, lightning, antlers, rivers and trees.”

Life and Evolution, as Physics




“In this lecture Prof Bejan draws attention to the theoretical work that places the phenomenon of evolution and life in physics, the biological and the geophysical realms together. He show that all evolutionary forms of flow organization are in accord with and can be predicted by the physics law that governs evolution in nature: the constructal law. He focuses on us. We are evolving as the “human & machine species.””

Rolling stones & the laws (of Physics)

Nature Scientific ReportsIn this interview with Shawn Fitzmaurice, Prof. Adrian Bejan discusses his recent article published in the Nature Scientific Reports, putting Nature, evolution, and life altogether.